OpenVidu 2.30.0

2 min readMay 29, 2024


Hello there! This release of OpenVidu is focused on maintenance tasks, bug fixes and updating internal dependencies to keep up with security patches.

Don’t worry about the lack of new features in this release… Big things are coming in the next few weeks. A new major release of OpenVidu is in the making. In fact, it will be the biggest update in OpenVidu’s long history… Stay tuned!

Virtual Background bug fix when losing tab focus

The use of requestAnimationFrame as the callback to update the virtual background frames on video elements was a problem. When the browser tab lost focus, the callback stopped its execution and the video froze. This is now fixed by using directly setTimeout instead.

OpenVidu Call and OpenVidu Components missing thumnbail in Safari iOS

When muting a video, the thumbnail of OpenVidu Call and OpenVidu Components (consisting of the user initial) was not displayed in Safari iOS due to some problems with CSS styles. This is now fixed.

OpenVidu Components updated to Angular 17

OpenVidu Components library was fixed to Angular 14. It has now been updated and is possible to use it with up to Angular 17.

Update internal dependencies

There has been numerous updates to keep dependencies up to date and without vulnerabilities. This includes:

  • openvidu-browser and openvidu-node-client dependencies.
  • openvidu-server: latest patch update of Spring dependency.
  • Versions of nginx, redis and coturn for production deployments.
  • For AWS deployments: OpenVidu AWS AMIs are now based on Ubuntu 22.04 and IMDSv2 is enforcecd over IMDSv1.

Stay tuned for next iterations! You can follow us on Twitter and a Star in GitHub is always welcome :)