OpenVidu 2.17.0: enjoy scalable recordings and forced codecs!

New features

Scalable COMPOSED recordings (OpenVidu Pro)

COMPOSED recording in OpenVidu Pro 2.17.0 is fully scalable

Force the video codec in OpenVidu Sessions

New signalSent event

Microsoft Edge now supports screen sharing

Choose the instance type when launching new Media Nodes on AWS (OpenVidu Pro)

curl -u OPENVIDUAPP:YOUR_SECRET --request POST --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"instanceType":"c5.2xlarge","volume":200}' https://your-openvidu-ip/openvidu/api/media-nodes

More powerful S3 recording upload (OpenVidu Pro)

Programmatic restart of OpenVidu Pro greatly speeded up (OpenVidu Pro)

OpenVidu Pro monitoring completely revamped (OpenVidu Pro)

There are new dashboards in OpenVidu monitoring stack to provide a much more accurate and useful information.

Bug fixes

OpenVidu Pro

openvidu-java-client / openvidu-node-client


COMPOSED recordings

Breaking changes

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