OpenVidu 2.16.0: Network Quality API, S3 recording and much more

New features

Network quality API (OpenVidu Pro)

S3 recording storage (OpenVidu Pro)

Improved REST API for managing participant roles

Manual allocation of sessions in your Media Nodes (OpenVidu Pro)

Selecting streams to be recorded (OpenVidu Pro)

Health check (OpenVidu Pro)

New monitoring dashboards (OpenVidu Pro)

New Monitoring OpenVidu Server Pro Node dahsboard. With it you can check in detail the status of your master node

Support for external Elastic stacks (OpenVidu Pro)

Kibana security integration (OpenVidu Pro)

Kibana access in OpenVidu Pro is now using the actual user management system of the platform, instead of the ugly, less secure Basic Auth proxy protection.

Automatic deletion of Elastic documents (OpenVidu Pro)

New configuration parameter for IP cameras

Change environment variables of Media Nodes (OpenVidu Pro)

OpenVidu iOS native application

openvidu-ios app in action

OpenVidu Call improvements

New documented tutorials

Kurento 6.15.0 release

Bug fixes





IP cameras

OpenVidu Server CE

OpenVidu Server Pro

Breaking changes

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