OpenVidu 2.13.0: now with Docker!

Docker-based deployment of OpenVidu

Other new features

Microsoft Edge support

Garbage collector for OpenVidu Sessions

Bug fixes

  • openvidu-browser: fixes for Publishers which have called Publisher.subscribeToRemote. If they called Publisher.publishAudio, Publisher.publishVideo and Publisher.replaceTrack , those where not taking effect. Now they do. And now they also properly stop their media stream tracks when disposing the Publisher object so the camera light of devices shuts down.
  • openvidu-browser: Publisher.replaceTrack method now can be used on unpublished Publishers. These are Publishers that have not been called with Session.publish or that have been called Session.unpublish after being published.
  • openvidu-server: critical concurrency bug fix. Subscription and unpublishing operations could interfere with each other with some bad luck, possibly causing ghost sessions and server events to have erroneous data. This is now fixed.
  • openvidu-server-pro: programmatic reset failed if was manual. Now it doesn’t.
  • openvidu-server-pro: stats gathering threads for media endpoints could get stranded forever, consuming valuable CPU. Now they don’t.
  • openvidu-server-pro: important fixes on the connection status between OpenVidu Server Pro Node and Media Nodes. Upon an unexpected broken connection between OpenVidu Server Pro Node and a Media Node, the affected Media Node could still be selected in some cases to initialize new Sessions, failing in the process. Now it doesn’t. Besides this, the connection status returned by the REST API could remain as “disconnected” even after a successful reconnection. Now it doesn’t.
  • OpenVidu Inspector: bug fixes in Session History page: 1) Sessions with same customSessionId could be missplaced when gathering their information. 2) Pagination position and size remembered when coming back from session detail. 3) Better click behavior for the selection checkboxes.

Breaking changes

Stay tuned for next iterations! You can follow us on Twitter and a Star in GitHub is always welcome :)



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