Help us improve OpenVidu

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We have created OpenVidu platform to help our users to build amazing video conferencing applications.

Our flexible open source and commercial model allows every user to take the approach that better fits its needs.

We provide many tutorials with different technologies and programming languages to be used as the base of your applications.

You can deploy OpenVidu on your own premises, but if you are using Amazon Web Services, you can have a new video conferencing platform in a matter of seconds.

But for sure you miss something from OpenVidu, you know what new features can make it a much better platform.

We are listening to you.

Please fill this survey so we can better understand how you are using OpenVidu, what features you like the most, what are your pain points and what features you would like to have.

Thank you in advance!!

Fill the survey to improve OpenVidu




Easy videoconference in your web or mobile app

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Easy videoconference in your web or mobile app

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