Android native applications with OpenVidu

Android is back in OpenVidu!

As you know, OpenVidu officially supports Android and iOS through Ionic, and since version 2.10.0 through React Native framework. But users have been repeatedly asking us about the idea of developing real native mobile apps, not relying on hybrid mobile frameworks.

So OpenVidu team started a new Android project based on the latest official Google WebRTC library. We must thank Sergio Paniego Android project, which was a useful starting point. We have cleaned and updated all dependencies to their latest versions, and refactored the project in a more legible way.

openviud-android tutorial has been developed with the latest version of Android 9.0 and is working with the latest version of OpenVidu (2.11.0). There’s a downside right now:

Unfortunately there’s no OpenVidu Android client SDK yet. So Android applications must cosume OpenVidu Server RPC protocol to manage the video sessions. Don’t worry about it: openvidu-android tutorial implements all the basic functionalities needed to establish video conference sessions.

It is important to understand OpenVidu Server RPC protocol if you want to extend these tutorial capabilities. We have documented the complete protocol in our web page. You can check it our here.

We have also included in our roadmap the implementation of OpenVidu Android SDK that will be joining to OpenVidu Browser SDK, so you can forget about OpenVidu Server RPC protocol and get your app working in the blink of an eye.

And last but not least, a similar tutorial for iOS will be available soon!

Stay tuned for next iterations! You can follow us on Twitter and a Star in GitHub is always welcome :)

Easy videoconference in your web or mobile app

Easy videoconference in your web or mobile app